Hello there, thank you for visiting. 

My name is Soniya and I am a self-taught contemporary artist; I use an experimental yet intuitive approach to create my abstract paintings.


I started my art Journey in 2016 and it was June of 2017 when I decided to show my work to the outside world. It was quite overwhelming in the beginning but I couldn't be happier with the kind of response that I received.  Finally, I am here creating and loving each day of my art journey and evolving as an artist.


My work is majorly influenced by nature, color and the artistic influence of Helen Frankenthaler and her belief that there is “no formula” and the artist should “let the picture lead you where it must go,".


I believe that the whole concept of painting is to allow your energy to direct you,  the freedom of expression creates happiness and the real joy is in the happy accidents.


My art is created with great love, intentions & inspirations and I can’t express enough how gratifying it feels when a piece of my art is welcomed into someone’s home.